“Kim Tae Hee Go Away!” Japanese Anti-Kim Tae Hee Protest

Currently the anti-Kim Tae Hee movement is intense. Kim Tae Hee was cast as a main character on “99 Days with a Star” that will be broadcast on October 23, and some Japanese people are unhappy. Japanese Netizens that argued online about Dokdo belonging to Japan had also attacked Kim Tae Hee, and they finally took the streets in protest.

One Japanese Netizen named “Yuh” who appears to be one of the leaders of the protest had given forewarning that he would start protesting on the streets.

As you can see in the following clip, the Japanese protestors are saying, “Kim Tae Hee explain your anti-Japanese remarks,” “Kim Tae Hee who does not like Japan, do not try to make money here,” “We will remember the Japanese company that supports the anti-Japan actress Kim Tae hee.”



According to “patrijapan” around 550 were on the streets for an hour protesting, and around Japan they state that over 20,000 took the streets.

Why are they attacking Kim Tae Hee now?

In 2005 Kim Tae Hee and her brother appeared in Switzerland wearing a T-Shirt stating that the island Dokdo is Korea’s. She was also giving out CDs explaining this. The Japanese protestors are complaining how a Japanese company could allow an anti-Japan actress to appear on television.

On October 9, Kim Tae Hee had answered a question during an interview about Netizens calling her an anti-Japan actress. She stated, “I have visited Japan nearly 30 times, I like reading Japanese novels and watching Japanese movies. Through this drama I wish to take on a middle-role between the cultures of Korea and Japan.” 

What do you guys think, remember, Dokdo (or Takeshima) is always a touchy issue between Japan-Korea.

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