New Idol Group MYNAME Releases Album Jacket

The new idol group MYNAME released the album jacket for their debut single, “Message.” On October 17, they released it on their twitter. The group has been receiving attention because they are Hwanhee’s proteges.

The jacket shows off the members Se Yong, In Soo, Joon Q, Chae Jin, and Gun Woo. The members show off their own unique styles which are chic and charismatic.

The image that the group is going for seems to be “Strong Men” which is charismatic but colorful. Although they are a new group, many domestic and foreign designers worked on their clothing.

Their agency stated, “We tried to show different sides of the group through their first jacket filming. Please wait a little more, because the group will show off another side to them that is different from the album jacket.”

MYNAME’s title song “Message” will be released on October 28.