T-ara Criticized for Insincere Attitude on Stage

Critics have pointed out T-ara’s insincere attitude on stage.

On an online community blog, there were two photos uploaded with the title “I am really disappointed with T-ara.”

The authors of this post have also added, “T-ara performed as a guest at a festival. They talked and laughed amongst themselves, their lip-syncing did not match the song. Each of the members had a very insincere attitude on stage.”

In addition, the author said, “In the second photo, the MC is speaking and Ji Yeon is looking at the ground and Qri looks like as if she has no hope in life.”

In the first photo, members Hyo Min and Hwa Young are singing whilst the other members are laughing toward the back of the stage and in the second photo, Ji Yeon is looking at the ground whilst fiddling with her fingers.

Netizens who have seen this have said, “Please be more sincere on stage,”, “T-ara must be really tired from their busy schedule,” and “Are they really chatting during the performance?”

However, Hyo Min has said that it was a part of their choreography.  She uploaded a comment about this issue on her twitter, she said, “All what was happening on the stage was a part of the set choreography. For example, the ‘Why Are You Being Like This’ performance included the gestures of talking to other members on stage.”

In addition, she has also said, “In the performance of ‘Roly Poly’, we wanted to show a fun and happy performance and that is why we laughed and played with each other on stage. It was all part of the performance. I think the concepts have caused a misunderstanding,”

Lastly Hyo min said, “Please remember that even if our performance is not perfect we are always thankful to all the fans that come to see us. We know full well that we still have to improve, so we will try to do our absolute best. Please do not get us wrong.”

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