f(x) Victoria and Sulli Spotted at a Shopping Mall

Girl Group f(x)‘s Victoria and Sulli were spotted at a shopping mall.

Recently, Victoria and Sulli caught the attention of many people after being spotted at an accessory store at a shopping mall in Seoul.

The idols showed off their daily fashion as they enjoyed a shopping date together. Victoria matched a navy trench coat over a one-piece and Sulli also donned a slim one-piece, while they both accessorized with simple bags.

An employee of the shopping mall said, “Victoria and Sulli proved that they truly are fashionistas, as they showed interests in various items, from trendy big bags to metallic clutches made to stand out.

Netizens who saw Victoria and Sulli’s shopping pictures replied by saying, “Their doll-like beauty really stands out,” “I want to be that bag,” and “Their daily life is a photoshoot.”