SNSD Wants to Answer YOUR Questions!

Hey Soompiers, we trust that you’re as excited as we are for SNSD’s upcoming comeback, “The Boys,” on October 19! We have some really fantastic opportunities that we know are going to make the SONEs extremely happy! First things first — Soompi has scored an interview with SNSD! The nine lovely ladies want to address their fans on Soompi, so come up with your best question — whatever deep curiosity that’s been burning inside of you for years — and reply in the SNSD Interview Question Thread in our SNSD forum!

Team Soompi will select the most interesting (and appropriate) questions and have SNSD answer them! You have a week to get in your questions — we will stop accepting entries on Monday, 10/24, 9 AM EST (10 PM KST).

Stay tuned for more awesome opportunities to celebrate “The Boys” with Soompi! SNSD and SONEs fighting!