ZE:A’s Kwang Hee Reveals Makeup-Less Face

Idol group ZE:A’s Kwang Hee has revealed his makeup-less face. 

In the new variety show, “Kim Byung Man’s Rules of the Jungle” (Rules of the Jungle) Kwang Hee traveled to Africa as a campaign member and spent three weeks there. “Rules of the Jungle” is a new variety survival show where participants travel and spend time in the African wilderness. Comedian Kim Byung Man is the head of the show and others such as Kwang Hee, comedian Ryu Dam and actor Ricky Kim are also on the show. 

During an interview with the production staff of “Rules of the Jungle,” Kwang Hee expressed his love for makeup by saying, “Makeup is practically half of my life.” Kwang Hee actually packed a whole bag filled with makeup products before landing in Africa, which shocked the entire cast of the show. 

However, since it is hard to find clean water in the wilderness of the deserted island in Africa, Kwang Hee had no choice but to reveal his fresh, clean face. Kwang Hee proclaimed his worries out loud by saying, “Are idols allowed to do this?” But eventually, he revealed his never before seen makeup-less face on air. 

“Rules of the Jungle” will air it’s first episode on October 21 after “Miracle Audition” is over.