Wheesung’s Health Improved, No Problems For Future Activities

It has been revealed that singer Wheesung, who was recently hospitalized due to ill health, will continue his activities as scheduled before he leaves for the military. 

Ahead of this military service he released a new song called The Guys Are Coming.” However, on October 13 during his pre-recorded performance at Mnet’s “M! Countdown,” due to unexpected abdominal pain he was rushed to hospital. 

The hospital diagnosed that his abdominal pain was due to gastritis and enteritis, and encouraged Wheesung to take a break from his activities for the rest of the week. Even with the doctors’ concerns, he continued his activities as planned. Even with his ill health he went on to perform on KBS 2TV “Music Bank” and MBCMusic Core” as well as other events. 

On October 17, Wheesung’s representative spoke with Star News, “Because Wheesung has a very strong will and a sense of commitment in carrying out his activities, we couldn’t do anything but support him and his decisions.” He also revealed, “Luckily Wheesung’s health has been improving, so there will be no problems in managing his music schedules for this week.”

He continued talking about Wheesung’s current status, “After performing at “Music Core,” instead of seeking treatment at the hospital, he is currently resting at home. Soon he will start preparations for his upcoming concert while also helping Ailee (who is featured in one of his songs) create new songs for her upcoming album. He will be undertaking all these activities while receiving outpatient treatment.” 

On November 7, Wheesung will be starting his military service at the Nonsan Base in Choongnam. During the last few weeks before he enlists, he will be actively promoting The Guys Are Coming,” which was released on October 10.

The song is a dramatic hip hop and R&B styled song, and along with five other songs, Wheesung has incorporated the style of R&B music into his new album. Not only does he write and compose his own music, but he also co-produces his albums, music videos and stage performances, adding a lot more significance to his promotions. 

He is also preparing for his last concert before he starts his military service. Next month on November 5 and 6, Wheesung and Kim Tae Woo will be holding their “Two Man Show” encore concert, which will be at the KBS 88 Gymnasium in Deung-Chon-Dong, Seoul. After completing his concert, Wheesung will be entering the military the very next day, so it is unfortunate that he will be ending his promotions with such a intense schedule. 

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