Singer Mose Tweets About T-ara's Insincere Attitude: "They're Notorious For Never Saying Hi"

Talk is spreading about singer Mose voicing out about T-ara’s insincere attitude. 

Mose is a singer and actor who debuted in 2005, working mostly in the R&B and pop ballad genres. He is famous for his clear and romantic tone of voice. Mose’s most popular song is “It Is Love.”

On October 17 at 11:00 AM, Mose posted this message on his Twitter: “Regarding the girl group that is becoming an issue because of their attitude during an event – I knew it. They’re notorious for never saying hello. The girl who apparently posted an explanation – I ran into her many times but she never greeted me even once. Even before they debuted, I came across them a couple of times in the recording studio but… their necks were straight and stiff (meaning that they did not bow down and greet him).”

Mose did not say any names but it is quite clear that he is directing the message to T-ara, who is currently becoming an issue because of their lack of sincerity. 

As soon as this issue initially arose, T-ara’s Hyo Min explained and posted, “It seems like there has been a misunderstanding because we purposely acted that way since it’s part of the performance.”

After a while on the same day, Mose posted on his Twitter again at 7:00 PM, “Anyway, I said what I needed to say and I didn’t say it particularly to receive an apology but I received one anyway from those friends. This issue is flowing toward a direction that I didn’t expect so I’m sorry to those friends as well.”

He continued to say, “Maybe I was a bit harsh but seeing how sorry and apologetic those friends are, I don’t think they meant to be that way. Well, I guess the only way to find out is to see how they will act in the future. I’m kind of embarrassed.” He tried to patch things up in this way. 

In Korean society and especially in the entertainment world, bowing and greeting your seniors is incredibly important and almost mandatory. This is because Korea places a lot of emphasis on respect. 

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