It has been reported that the two stars Kim Ha Neul and TOP were to star in the new Korean drama “Absolute Him”, which is an adaption of the Japanese animation film “Absolute Boyfriend”. Both Japan and Taiwan have made popular drama adaptions of this movie.

However, it turns out that their castings have not been confirmed yet and are still rumors. On October 18, Kim Ha Neul said the following to OSEN (Korean news organization), “It is true that I have been approached to play a role in ‘Absolute Him’. However, nothing is confirmed yet, since the combinations are not finalized yet. I do think that it will have a positive outcome though.”

An official representative of TOP’s agency responded in the same way, “The combination roles have not been finalized yet. TOP did get an offer to play a role and it is expected to have a positive outcome.”

The producers of the show are still busy preparing and organizing the roles of the drama. The drama is set to air in the first half year of 2012.