Lee Ki Kwang Apologizes for Calling Seo Taiji "Mr. Seo"

BEAST’s Lee Ki Kwang has recently made an apology.

On the episode of “Win Win” that aired on October 18, rocker Shin Hae Chul was the guest. Lee Ki Kwang addressed Seo Taiji as “Mr. Seo,” (Seo-sshi). On October 19, he posted on his Twitter, “I want to deeply apologize. I am so very sorry.” He cautiously expressed his apologetic feelings to the public. Why?

In Korea, using expressions like, “That guy,” “Mr. Seo,” or “Mr. Seo Taiji,” toward a senior is considered disrespectful. Since Shin Hae Chul is a relative of Seo Taiji, Lee Ki Kwang had asked many questions about him saying, “I want to know more about that guy.”

People who have seen this commented, “He probably said that without knowing. So let’s try to understand him,” “Maybe Ki Kwang found it difficult to say the name of such a big person,” “At least he apologized right away.”

Everyone makes mistakes — at least he apologized in a timely matter! Do you think this was a big deal?