Lee Hyori the Epitome of Chic for "CLIO"

Lee Hyori showed off her never-changing sexiness.

Currently Lee Hyori is going through with her second fall season photoshoot for the makeup brand “CLIO.” The concept is chic, she was styled with thick smokey makeup. Lee Hyori was dressed with a sleeveless top that features her smooth arms.

Through her pose, one can take in all of her sexiness which is also haughty at the same time. Her eyeliner was raised up at the ends in order to give an urban look.

A representative of CLIO stated, “Lee Hyori can go through different styles easily. She can do flashy styles and also look like a fall goddess. Through her ‘stare’ she has made the fall emotion become more sensual.”

Currently, Lee Hyori is working on her new album that will be released in 2012.