Goo Hara "A Junior Girl Group Does Not Greet Us Properly"

On the October 18 episode of SBSStrong Heart,” Kara opened up with her talk describing how it has been five years since Kara’s debut. “We are well-known as a group that is good at greeting their seniors.”

She continued “However, there are a lot of juniors that are younger than us. They are taller than us… But, when we greeted the junior girl group, they only nodded her head and did not greet us properly.” (Korean’s consider greeting and bowing as a basic custom)

Nicole talked to Goo Hara and suggested that they do a complete 90 degrees greeting. Nicole’s reasoning was that if Kara changed their behavior then maybe the junior girl group would as well. Kara and Nicole did do a 90 degree bow when they met in the bathroom, but in the end, the junior girl group still gave an improper greet.

Then Boom and Lee Teuk opened up with their special corner “X-File” on “Strong Heart,” they talked about the past of Diva and Baby Vox.

Diva was walking past Baby Vox after a rehearsal. Although Diva greeted Baby Vox first, Kan Mi Yeon did not properly greet Diva back. (Their explanation was that Kan Mi Yeon was actually drowsy and falling asleep)

Afterwards the Diva and Baby Vox members that appeared on “Strong Heart” apologized to each other. Goo Hara commented that she was so proud of them for making up.