HyunA Once Again Proves She Is the Queen of Playing on Her Own

Previously HyunA showed that she was the Queen of playing on her own when she posted a picture from her trip to the U.S. This time she posted up a new set of pictures on her Twitter account, showing once again why she is called the Queen of playing on her own.

In a Twitter post made by HyunA on Oct 18, she posted three pictures and a message, which stated “It’s a present that Jiyoon received kekekeke i’m not coveting it T.T Since i also got a blue one ♥.♥.” In the picture, HyunA can be seen sitting on Jiyoon’s present putting on various cute expressions.

Netizens that have seen the pictures stated, “She is really cute,” “HyunA has fun even on her own,” “She is lovely, i want to buy her a present.”