CSJH’s Sunday Criticized for Using a Shopping Cart?

CSJH member Sunday has been receiving criticism due to a certain photo she posted. 

On October 18, Sunday posted on her Twitter interesting pictures with the following message: “At the market, pretending to be groceries… I did this because I had no strength due to my deathly cold but the passing by babies are staring at me. What what?!” 

In the picture, Sunday is sitting in a shopping cart with a bright albeit mischievous smile. Someone was pushing her in the cart. However, this picture caused quite a commotion on Twitter by the netizens. This is because the shopping cart seat is only for children ages five and younger. It is not allowed for adults to climb in the cart. 

Netizens commented, “She should know by now that you’re not allowed to sit in a shopping cart,” “Are you still immature?” “She has no common sense,” “Please grow up,” “It’s wrong to sit in a cart and she’s still showing it off,” as they criticized Sunday’s wrongdoing. Was it really that bad for Sunday to go on a shopping cart?