Goo Hara Misses Her Boyfriend Yong Junhyung

Goo Hara expressed how she misses her boyfriend Yong Jun Hyung, who is hard to meet because their busy schedules. 

On an episode of “Golden Fishery: Radio Star,” which will air on October 19, Goo Hara starred as a guest for the first time. She reveals her relationship with Yong Jun Hyung and expressed how she would at least like to grab a meal together.

During this episode, MC Yoon Jong Shin exclaims, “Goo Hara has finally graced us with her presence!” He continues to ask her right away about her news with BEAST’s Yong Jun Hyung. 

At this question, Goo Hara replied, “It was only at the stage of getting to know each other so I feel sorry toward the members.” Kara’s leader Gyuri also honestly expressed, “I was really worried that Hara would get hurt by negative comments from the public eye.”

Regarding the news of an elementary school student failing a test due to this scandal, Goo Hara deeply apologized by saying, “I’m truly, very sorry.”

Furthermore, Kim Goo Ra asked, “Why can’t you just publicly date?” To that, Goo Hara responded, “Because we’re both overseas many times, it’s hard to meet or even contact each other. And I don’t really know how to publicly date. It’s not like we’re completely in love yet – we’re still getting to know each other.” 

Previously, Yong Jun Hyung guest starred in Radio Star as well. When he was asked about being involved with the issue of copyrights, he replied, “I don’t really know” as he innocently smiled. He also went on to say, “If I go on a date, I would really just like to eat a meal together.”

We hope these lovebirds will find some time to go out on a date once in a while!