CN Blue Ranks #3 on Daily Oricon with "In My Head"

On October 19, the Burning, Lovely, Untouchable, and Emotional members of CN Blue made a successful Japanese major label debut with their debut single “In My Head” under Warner Music Japan. The group garnered much interest with “In My Head” even before its official release when fans found out that the band’s leader Jung Yong Hwa wrote the song himself. 

It seems as though the group’s newest song struck a chord with the Japanese audience. “In My Head” proudly claimed the number three spot on the Daily Oricon Chart on the day of its release. CN Blue recorded a first day sale of a 34,280. Netizens have been impressed by the group’s performance, particularly of the fact that the band’s sales exceeded that of the sales of one of the most popular Korean girls groups currently promoting in Japan: Kara. The girls were number four on the chart on this day.


CN Blue’s album sales are especially impressive for another reason. In comparison to the album sales of other Korean groups who reached the number one spot of the Daily Oricon with their debut singles, CN Blue’s sales are noticeably greater. T-ara and MBLAQ had both ranked number one with their debut singles with sales recording, 20,068 and 11,066, respectively. CN Blue’s sales are greater than the sales both groups combined.

It was also announced well before the song’s official release that “In My Head” would be used as the ending theme song of the anime “Supernatural: The Animation.” The anime is scheduled to air within the month.

Lastly, as a means of celebrating the band’s major label debut, as well as thanking the fans for their unending support, CN Blue held a live guerrilla performance on October 19 at Shinjuku Alta in Tokyo. Regardless of the lack of prior announcement, over 7,000 fans flocked to the area to get a glimpse of the band members. Unfortunately, due to safety reasons, the performance had to be prematurely terminated only after a mere three minutes. The band was only able to perform one song.

In response to their performance on the Daily Oricon, the CN Blue members stated, “We were very anxious because it was our major label debut single, but when we heard that we were number three, while we felt happy, at the same time we also thought that there was still a long way for us to go. We don’t want to be any different from when we were an indies band, and want to continue to work hard for the fans who support us.”

Congratulations, CN Blue! 

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