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Infinity Challenge “Best Friend Special”: The first story! ★

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I also want to find my new best friend!

The project to find their best friend, a true friend that can only be separated from each other by death alone. Infinity Challenge Best Friend Special,” everyone head over to the friendship town!

Starting with Man No 1 to No 7, the heart pounding first meeting

Just for today, the seven men have entered the friendship town and have abandoned their own names and prejudices. They get assigned numbers according to a ranking of how handsome they are.

  • He arrives noisily with extravagant clothing, the guy that is always happy, Man No 1 Hong Chul.
  • Proclaimed by everyone as the guy that lives a honest life, he is talkative and old fashioned, Man No 2 Jae Suk.
  • Nothing Better~♪ His sync rate with Singer Jung Yeob is 200%? The small sized Man No 3 Haha.
  • He is shy but has come all dressed up, Man No 4 Gil
  • He has come to find the best friend to spend the rest of his life with. He has a pleasantly plump appearance, Man No 5 Hyung Don.
  • Grabs everyone’s attention due to fact that he doesn’t suit his shiny dazzling car. The late guy that has dressed up informally, Man No 6 Jun Ha.
  • He may be old but his intentions of finding a friend are sincere. He appears with a frown right from the start and is full of charisma, Man No 7 Myung Soo

The awkward meeting between the participants with extremely strong personalities and their first impression interviews that cannot possibly be more honest.

I am this kind of person!

The participants get to know each other by sharing the same space. An occasion has been prepared so that they can get to know each other. They begin to introduce themselves and ask questions. Their attractiveness goes up as a barrage of brazen questions is asked of them. Man No 3 may be a bit lacking compared to other people of the same age but he is cute. Man No 6 is blunt and tactless but he is funny. 

My score is… The evaluations of each person continue on endlessly with a series of unexpected actions being taken amongst the heated discussions. It even gets to the point where one person screams out “I don’t need a best friend” and leaves on his own accord.

I pick you! The camera zooms in on them as they pick the person that is the most attractive to them. Who will get the honour of being the most attractive person just on first appearances?

The Couple Game to find out how each of them is feeling.

Put your feelings into the towel and then careful place it next to them, the game from memory lane, and the participants begin to play “pass the towel around.”

“This kind of game is a first for me,” is this because of a generational gap? No, Man No 7 Myung Soo doesn’t know about this game because he’s never tried, however even though he doesn’t know what the game is, his wit is amazing! His attractiveness rises greatly due to his funny self-sacrifice gags.

These guys have really started to get going. Man No 1 Hong Chul gets an injury to his finger nails because he was trying really hard in the game. Man No 5 Hyung Don quickly goes to get the first aid kit. 

How will their entangled feelings get resolved? “Friendship” is deeper than “love.” It is even more intense than the love town, a day at the friendship town!

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