Kim Hyun Joong Has Impromptu Meeting with Fans at a Restaurant

Recently, singer Kim Hyun Joong’s modest demeanor has been receiving attention.

At an internet community on the afternoon of Oct. 21, a set of photos was posted along with the title, “Kim Hyun Joong saying cheers with fans at a chicken shop even when it’s not a fan meeting”.

In the photo, Kim Hyun Joong is shown clanking glasses with a crowd that has filled up the chicken shop to the fullest. The influx of people coming into and surrounding the chicken shop heightens the reality of Kim Hyun Joong’s great popularity.

The netizen who posted explained the situation at that time with, “The live reality after the fan meeting! Kim Hyun Joong, who visits the chain store of the chicken shop that he and his friends operate and says cheers with fans and ordinary citizens alike! He didn’t pay any heed to others’ eyes and left after eating well with staff.”

Upon seeing this post, netizens have shown reactions such as, “His personality is really nice. I’m envious of the people there,” and “He’s cool because he doesn’t have the celebrity disease.”

Currently, Kim Hyun Joong has released his second mini album “Lucky” and began promotional activities with his comeback performance on the Oct. 20 episode of “M Countdown.