Lee Teuk and Kang So Ra Go on Another Date

Super Junior’s leader, Lee Teuk and actress Kang So Ra were caught dating in school uniforms. 

On October 22, a photo of Lee Teuk and Kang So Ra, was uploaded on an online community blog along with the title, “Lee Teuk-Kang So Ra, busted!”

In the photo, Lee Teuk and Kang So Ra are walking on the street wearing school uniforms. It has been 10 years since Lee Teuk has worn his school uniform, but he doesn’t look awkward or uncomfortable in it. However, Kang So Ra is wearing a skirt, her pink bag and hair band were the main points of her uniform fashion.

Netizens who have seen this photo have said, “If Lee Teuk goes to school now, he’ll be just as fine as the other students,”, “A uniform date? That’s a fresh idea,” and “Kang So Ra’s skirt is too short. Isn’t it?”

Lee Teuk and Kang So Ra have officially become the third couple of MBC’s ‘We Got Married’.