Fellow Artists Praise Tablo's New Solo Album

Tablo, who overcame his many sufferings, came back with his first solo album titled, “Fever’s End Part 1” on October 21. As soon as it was released, it took the number one spot for many music charts.

Bad,” the title song for “Part 1,” was ranked number one at music sites such as Daum, Cy, Mnet, Dosirak, Bugs and more. The pre-released song “Airbag” also enjoyed the number one spot on Naver. Furthermore, all songs on the album took place in the top 10 for many other sites. 

Netizens commented, “I found myself crying while listening to the songs,” “The lyrics make my heart ache,” “It’s been a while since I’ve found songs to which I can enjoy the lyrics. I love it,” and more. Many seemed to highly praise Tablo’s raw emotions being felt through the lyrics.

Especially senior musicians such as Boo Hwal’s Kim Tae Won, Lee Juk, Dynamic Duo’s Gaeko and more have given high praises for this album.

Boo Hwal’s Kim Tae Won said, “I was always curious. The music that would come from this person, who once split the ocean and then fell into deep waters… A musician can be a musician once he/she becomes an old person. They need to arrive at their souls, which have ripened faster than anyone else. Now I know – all the things that I was curious about him! Everything that happened to him was so that he could come to this place right now. It’s good. It’s beautiful music.” Kim Tae Won expressed his reviews of Tablo’s album through a handwritten note, containing these lyrical words of praise. 

Lee Juk said, “The traces of pain from splitting open a heart that has been burnt. The blooming music that flows from inside is sorrowfully beautiful. Tablo, thank for you coming back.” Lee Juk did not hide his excitement for Tablo’s resuming musical activities. 

Dynamic Duo’s Gaeko said, “This album grew strong due to the weakness from the pain. I’m grateful that ‘Blo is alive and well.” Gaeko was one of the firsts to congratulate Tablo when he signed the official contract with YG Entertainment.

Tablo’s album is divided into two parts, “Part 1” and “Part 2.” With the strength of the highly esteemed “Part 1,” “Part 2,” which will have a full track list, is to be released on November 1.

Kim Tae Won’s handwritten note to Tablo regarding his new solo album.

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