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Jang Woo♡Eun Jung: The highly affectionate couple yoga lessons♡

Woo-Jung Couple has decided that today will be the day that the couple takes care of their health in an effort to recharge their exhausted bodies. Eun Jung proposes that they should do couple yoga as a way of exercising as a couple. Jang Woo, who isn’t really happy about doing yoga in front of his wife, suddenly starts smiling broadly, why is he smiling soo broadly all of a sudden?

The man with the stiff body, Jang Woo Vs Eun Jung, who is naturally flexible. What will the couple’s yoga lesson be like? Also what is the really difficult Yoga posture that Eun Jung performs that even surprises the Yoga teacher? The highly affectionate Woo-Jung couple yoga lesson, what will it be like?


Won Joon♡So Hyun :  So-Won Couple’s dangerous guests

From dressing up their house to personally cooking a full course Chinese Meal, Won Joon and So Hyun have personally prepared for their housewarming party. Who will be the slightly dangerous guests that come to their housewarming party?

Starting with their Hallyu Star best friend, who knows the So-Won Couple better than anyone to the friends that will expose everything about the couple’s past. Won Jon prepares a “special occasion” for the guests, what is this special occasion? And using a lie detector, the couple will each find out what they really think about marriage, what will their results be?


Lee Teuk♡Sora:  The song that only I can sing ♪

After their heart pounding first meeting, the couple heads to a special location that Lee Teuk has prepared. While engaging in some lovely conversations as her husband drives the car, Sora makes a shocking comment that completely surprises Husband Teuk, what was this comment?

Lee Teuk and Sora have their first meal at a location where the lovely night scene of Seoul is spread out in front of their eyes. Husband has ambitiously prepared a piano performance, what will it be like? He claims that he spent all night making this song, what will Lee Teuk “lovey-dovey” self-produced song be like? How will the couple’s lovely first date end?

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