Members of Secret Don’t Have Cellphones

On MBC TV‘s “Quiz That Changes World” that aired on October 22, Sunhwa and Ji Eun of Secret appeared on the show.

On this day, Ji Eun revealed, “It’s been almsot two years since we’ve had access to cellphones. We’ve practically been anti-social and communicating mostly with only the members for the past two years.”

Sunhwa also reavealed how she recently had to use her friend’s cellphone to text Kim Shin Young. Unfortunately, Kim Shin Young did not recognize the number since it was Sunhwa’s friend’s number and ended up not replying to Sunhwa’s text. She later said, “I wish we had access to cellphone because it’s so difficult to contact people in general.”

In addition, Ji Eun added, “Whenever we go shopping, we end up buying accessories and clothes that are similar in style to promote our group image. I’d prefer it if we go shopping based on our personal preferences, not for the group image.”

Meanwhile, Secret is currently busy promoting their new song, “Love is Move.”