Movie Posters for Son Ye Jin and Lee Min Ki's "Chilling Romance" Released

The first glimpse of Son Ye Jin and Lee Min Ki’s new film, “Chilling Romance,” has been revealed. 

The movie posters for “Chilling Romance” have been released on October 23. They clearly portray a special kind of rom-com — one that is chilling and mysterious.

With her lovely, wavy hair and her sweet-like-candy “eye smile,” Son Ye Jin’s charms are unchanging. But the baseball bat in her hand gives her sweet image a bit of a twist. Son Ye Jin plays the role of Kang Yeo Ri, who has never dated anyone in her life because of special circumstances. 

In the poster, you can see a bunch of boxes behind Son Ye Jin, which are marked, “Beware of Ghost,” and “Do Not Open.” This foreshadows that there are ghosts who have prevented Kang Yeo Ri from going on dates in the past and she decides to trap the ghosts in the box so she could go on a recently planned date. However, you can see bits and pieces of the ghosts sticking out of the box, as well as a ghost lurking behind, which foreshadows a bit of trouble coming along Kang Yeo Ri’s way…

Lee Min Ki plays the role of Ma Jo Goo, who falls for Son Ye Jin. In the poster, Lee Min Ki is dressed up like a magician and holds a bouquet of flowers with a ghostly arm sticking out of it. His wide-opened eyes and agape mouth also foreshadow bewilderment and surprise. 

The tagline on the Son Ye Jin poster says, “With a different edge, Kang Yeo Ri is ready to date!” The tagline on the Lee Min Ki poster says, “With faltering courage, Ma Jo Goo is ready to date!” “Chilling Romance” will be an interesting rom-com on the life-risking romance between these two characters. 


Here is a teaser:

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