SNSD’s "The Boys" Receives Ten Million Views in Four Days

SNSD has once again shown their global popularity.

SNSD’s newest song, “The Boys,” has recorded just over 10 million views since its release last week. This is just four days after the video was released on Youtube on Oct. 19. SNSD’s “The Boys” has beaten 4minute HyunA‘s view count for “Bubble Pop” by 20 days!

Netizens and viewers come from all over the globe. Besides Asia, people from Europe, America, and even Africa have seen “The Boys.” A large majority of these viewers are in the teenage years, and range mostly from 13 years to 24 years of age.

In addition, countless covers of “The Boys” have been appearing in videos all over Youtube. Fans from all over the world are singing and dancing along to SNSD. SNSD is taking the global music industry by storm.

On Oct. 23, SNSD will be performing the English version of “The Boys” at the SM Town Concert in New York.