Beast’s Yong Junhyung to Feature for Kim Wan Sun

Beast‘s Yong Junhyung is quickly proving himself to be a rising idol composer. Not only does he already have a number of self-compositions under his belt, but he’s steadily expanding his solo career with many impressive works. This time, he has collaborated with senior singer Kim Wan Sun for her “Be Quiet” comeback.

On October 23, Junhyung revealed a picture of himself at the set of her music video filming. Junhyung will be featuring for her in the song with a special rap part, but it doesn’t end there: Junhyung also participated in the composing and writing of the song alongside producer Shinsadong Tiger.

Junhyung will also be putting his acting skills to the test by starring in her music video. This song will mark the second song since Jang Woo Hyuk where he’s written a song for another artist outside of Beast.

The electronic dance number will be promoted on music programs, so fans of both artists will be seeing their collaboration on stage.