IU Releases Concept Photo for New Upcoming Album

With her upcoming comeback, singer IU revealed a glimpse of the new concept for her new album. 

On October 23, IU uploaded the photo onto her fan site as a fan service to her fans that were waiting eagerly for her comeback. 

IU also commented, “I have brought along fresh and tasty new bait for you. Those of you who have been complaining about the lack of information I have been feeding you about my upcoming album, I am leaving you this.” She also added, “Don’t worry. I received permission from my producer before posting this.”

Within the photo IU shows a natural hairstyle, also showing off a mature and grown-up image. The response from fans were, “IU has gone from young girl to a Goddess,” “I’m looking forward to this album,” and “There’s a new atmosphere added to the cute IU.”

According to music officials, IU will be coming back to the music scene in November. A specific date has not yet been confirmed as of yet. This upcoming album is an important album for IU, and there has been word that she worked very hard to perfect the album.

In the second half of last year, IU gained a lot of popularity by creating an “oppa syndrome” (Being loved by older men) with her song “Good Day.” There is a lot of anticipation and curiosity to see what kind of concept IU will be coming back later next month. Also, another factor that has received a lot of attention is the fact that IU will be coming back during the same time as two big girl groups, SNSD and Wonder Girls. It will be interesting to see how IU will come out amongst the female singers rivalry and if she will be the one smiling from the top.