Beyonce Choreographer to Design Wonder Girls’ New Dance

The Wonder Girls is preparing their comeback stage with the help of a world-renowned choreographer.

The choreographer’s name is none other than “Jonte” who made the dance for Beyonce’s hit single “Single Ladies.” He has also choreographed for Japan’s Amuro Namie and Lady Gaga.

Representative of the Wonder Girls stated on October 24, “The members of the Wonder Girls are receiving special training from Jonte. The comeback stage will be something to look forward to because we are working with a world-renown choreographer.”

The Wonder Girls will release their 2nd album on November 7. After the album is released, they will comeback through various music programs on the second week of November. In December the Wonder Girls will promote in Asia and in 2012 they will go to LA in order to promote while matching the release of their film, “Wonder Girls at the Apollo.”