Orange Caramel’s Nana and Lizzy in a Cute Selca

Orange Caramel’s (After School’s sub-unit group) Nana and Lizzy released a Selca picture that revealed their stage concept.

Lizzy wrote on her twitter on October 24, “We are a happy Jjinlee, and an unhappy Jjinlee.” (Jjinlee is a nickname that is a combination of Lizzy’s nickname and Nana’s real name.)

The two are shown having different expressions. The top pictures show them having a good relationship while the bottom picture shows them angry at each other.

Netizens that have come across the picture commented, “Omg, so cute!” “Even when you two act like you have a bad relationship, you still look like you have a good one,” “Cuties, Jjinlee is the best!”

Currently Orange Caramel is promoting their single, “Shanghai Romance.” Recently had the honor of receiving handwritten interview responses, check them out here!