Lee Gi Kwang Shows Off His New Haircut

BEAST member Lee Gi Kwang surprised everyone by revealing his new bowl haircut. 

On Oct. 24, Lee Gi Kwang uploaded a message on his Twitter that said, “Copying Yang Yoseob 1, 2” and posted up two pictures along with it.

In the revealed pictures, Lee Ki Gwang is donning a bowl haircut and an adorable expression. By saying that he tried copying Yang Yoseb, the BEAST member who has taken over the cute image within the group, it revealed that it was as if he was saying that he could not get any cuter than this.

Right after, Lee Gi Kwang uploaded another picture, along with the caption “Blown-up cheeks” and garnered attention from his fans.

Netizens who saw this replied with “You will be a year older in two months, but you seem to be getting younger,” “You have no face to rejuvenate. Really cute,” “You properly copied Yoseob,” “You even pulled off a bowl haircut…” and “I want to pinch your cheeks.”