Lee Hyori Encourages Young People to Vote

Singer Lee Hyori is encouraging people to vote for the Seoul mayoral election, which will start on October 26. 

On October 24, Lee Hyori retweeted Lee Wae Soo, a renowned novelist, who said, “Dear Youths, don’t you have any discontent against the world? If you do, please vote. The world needs to change now. Irregularities and corruption, deception and hypocrisy– we cannot just overlook these things anymore. Your one vote may be the candlelight that drives away the darkness of the world. Happy is the Youth, Fortune comes to those who vote.”

Following this, Lee Hyori posted on her Twitter, “If you vote, you become pure and innocent.” To that, writer Kang Pool replied, “Oh! I’m going to vote and become more pure and innocent too!” This friendly conversation gathered much interest from the netizens. 

Netizens commented, “Lee Hyori is a sensible celebrity who votes,” “If Lee Hyori is going to vote, I will vote too,” “I want to vote with Lee Hyori,” and more.