SNSD’s Interview with MTV Iggy Gets Live Broadcasted in Times Square

SNSD’s interview with MTV Iggy was broadcasted live in Times Square on Monday as thousands of fans flocked to New York City’s most crowded area to take a glimpse at their favorite K-Pop group.

SNSD’s live interview with MTV Iggy was held at MTV’s open studio located in Times Square. The interview was also shown on the giant screen placed opposite the studio allowing all the fans and tourists to see the interview live. As the girls appeared on screen, fans who arrived earlier cheered the girls with posters and towels, leaving many New Yorkers question who the nine girls were. In addition to the interview, SNSD’s “The Boys” teaser video has been playing in one of the big ad screens in Times Square.

After the interview, SNSD held a brief fan meeting at the “BEST BUY Theater” on Broadway, where more than 1,000 fans gathered to ask some questions and hear directly from the girls about their new album. 

Here’s a fan cam video of SNSD being shown in Times Square!



Video Credit: onetwo @ YT