Park Min Young’s Porcelain Skin, What Is Her Secret?

Park Min Young revealed a picture that showed off her smooth porcelain skin. On October 23 she wrote, “Although I am tired I still feel great. I am excited! Thank You.” In the picture she is leaning against somebody’s shoulder and making a smile.

So what is the secret behind Park Min Young’s porcelain skin?

Number 1: Sleep

Looking at past quotes by Park Min Young, on July 14 she tweeted, “I slept a lot and feel great! It is currently ‘Cho Bok’ so please make sure you eat your healthy foods.” (Cho Bok is a day set in summer where it is supposed to be one of the hottest days. On that day, they will eat a chicken soup.)

Number 2: Skin Care Packs

In 2010 on December 20 she said, “I have to focus on skin care that I have been lapsing on. If you don’t show interest to your skin, your skin will get angry at you. Haha, but who will lightly tap me. Hing.”