Brown Eyed Girls, Ga In: "Our Next Song Will Be a Shocker"

The Brown Eyed Girls announced that their next song after “Sixth Sense” would be shocking.

The Brown Eyed Girls had their last performance of “Sixth Sense” on October 23 for SBSInkigayo.” The song was released at the end of September.

According to representatives of the Brown Eyed Girls, they will take a break at the end of October then they will release a repackaged album for their 4th one, and continue promotions through their next song. The new repackaged album will have the songs from the 4th album and also include the new song.

The Brown Eyed Girls told Star News in an interview, “The next song will be the most shocking song and performance that the Brown Eyed Girls have done.”

Music industry experts believe that the Brown Eyed Girls will come out with a sexier image, and others are expecting that they will go the opposite direction and go for a pure and emotional one.

Whatever is their new concept, the Brown Eyed Girls and their agency are keeping it top-secret!