Kim Hyun Joong Laments Not Recognizing Lee Min Jung’s Beauty Earlier

Kim Hyun Joong recently confessed his feelings of being disappointed that he didn’t recognize actress Lee Min Jung‘s beauty when he first worked with her on “Boys Over Flowers.”

The star made an appearance on the MBC radio program, “Shindong’s Shimshimtapa,” in place of DJ Shindong, who’s currently away for “SM Town Live in New York.” He and guests Jungmo and Juhee solved a few quizzes regarding the actress, and Kim Hyun Joong couldn’t help but leave an audio letter expressing his true feelings.

In a shy voice, he calmly said, “I wonder why I didn’t realize how beautiful Lee Min Jung was before. I think my eyes were just tired with fatigue due to staying up all night for work. It’s nice to see you working actively lately. I hope that we’ll be able to work together soon.”

Listeners were ecstatic with his confession, leaving comments like, “That was an awesome audio letter!” “I think Lee Min Jung would have laughed if she heard this,” and “We really hope you’ll get to work with her soon!”