Kara’s Gyuri to Perform in "200 Pounds Beauty" Musical in Korea

Kara‘s leader Gyuri, who has recently been featured in musicals in Japan, will now bring her performances over to her home country.

From Dec. 6 until Feb. 5 of next year, she will be performing in the musical “200 Pounds Beauty” at the Chung Moo Art Hall Theater in Seoul.

The musical shows in Japan have already been very successful and highly popular, so the public is trying to get their hands on the tickets. Kara and Park Gyuri’s fan club, through the agency, is currently requesting information about tickets. The agency has predicted that by Oct. 29, tickets will be sold out.

To the public, Gyuri said, “I am hoping that Korea anticipates my performance. Although I still lack in a few areas, I promise to work harder and get better. I will try my best to give an amazing show.”

“200 Pounds Beauty”, which is the story of a 125kg girl who aspires to become a singer, will provide Gyuri with the chance to showcase her vocals and acting in a way that she wasn’t able to show as an idol group member.

Gyuri will remain in Osaka for “200 Pounds Beauty” until Nov. 6. Let’s build up some anticipation for her performances in Korea!