SNSD’s Sunny and Taeyeon Look “Like Twins” in Recent Photo Shoot

SNSD’s Sunny and Taeyeon took a special photo shoot under the title, “Like Twins,” for next month’s Singles magazine. In the photos released earlier today, Sunny and Taeyeon appear in similar outfits, hair and make up, looking like identical twins. In addition to the photos, Singles magazine conducted an interview with the two SNSD members, where they are reported to have shared honest feelings about their group activities.

Meanwhile, SNSD performed at the “SM Town Live World Tour in New York City” on October 23. The concert was held after the release of their third official album, “The Boys,” which achieved an “all-kill” immediately after going on sale. During their stay in New York, SNSD also appeared on MTV Iggy for an interview and was featured in some of New York’s largest newspapers including The New York Times and the Daily News.