Taiwanese SNSD Wannabes “Super 7” Spark Controversy with Cover Performance at Golden Bell Awards

Super 7, the Taiwanese female group that has been accused of copying SNSD, has stirred up some more controversy lately following their recent performance at the prestigious Golden Bell Awards in Taiwan. The video of their live performance, which was a cover of SNSD’s “Hoot,” shows the group dressed in the same outfit, following the same exact choreography as SNSD—only to be slightly off on some of the moves.

After seeing the video, netizens have questioned the real motive behind Super 7’s cover performance at such an important stage. In a lot of cases, when invited to sing at a big time event, most artists would sing their title track—not someone else’s cover song. Also, Super 7 has been at the center of controversy since their debut for having strikingly similar concepts and looks as SNSD. Netizens are arguing if Super 7 was truly concerned of any negative publicity, they would have been more careful with their song selection. Super 7’s title track, “Mai Luo Suo,” have also been under fire for featuring very similar costumes and overall concepts to that of SNSD’s “Hoot.”

A lot of netizens, including Taiwanese fans, voiced their disapproval as they said, “This is a Taiwanese awards show, not a show in Korea,” “The fact that they couldn’t perform to their own song means they’re not ready to be a true artist,” and “Why did you even debut?”

Founded in 1965, the Golden Bell Awards is an annual Taiwanese TV show award, sponsored by the Taiwanese government. It is one of the most prestigious awards in Taiwan, often called Taiwan’s equivalent to the Emmy Awards.

Here’s the video of their performance. It’s a very close imitation but do you like it?