Park Min Young Shows Off 80’s Disco Dance for "Glorious Jane"

Park Min Young will show off her disco dance moves for the episode of “Glorious Jane” that will be broadcast on October 26.

Park Min Young will show off her signature cute charms while she dances with smiles. As one can see in the picture, Park Min Young is wearing a high school uniform and her hair has been braided. It is being said that her dance really warmed up the filming set of “Glorious Jane.”

Park Min Young stated, “I think I am really similar to Yoon Jane who has a personality that is always bright and cheerful. That is probably the reason why I like playing her role. Yoon Jane’s cheerful personality is very funny. We are currently filming hard so I hope you will anticipate the drama.”

Here is another picture of Park Min Young with porcelain skin wearing the uniform for the drama.