First Look Into T-ara Eun Jung’s New Drama "Queen Insoo"

T-ara’s Eun Jung has given us a first look into the set of the new, upcoming drama, “Queen Insoo.”

Eun Jung has received the role of the young Queen Insoo (who’s adult role will be played by Chae Si Ra). Eun Jung is wearing an elegant hanbok (Korean traditional clothes) and her hair is braided and split in the middle. The first shooting started on October 24. 

Eun Jung said that even though the weather is cold, this is a role that she always wanted so she doesn’t even feel tired. 

“Queen Insoo” is the mother of the ninth king of the Choseon dynasty, Seongjong, who has probably lived one of the most dramatic lives in history. The drama is about her life and the political situation of that time. It will also portray the dilemma between the women of the king’s court. 

“Queen Insoo” will be produced by Lee Tae Gon PD, who has also worked on other famous historical dramas such as, “Empress Myeongseong” and “The King and Queen.” “Queen Insoo” will be aired on December 3 and will run for 50 episodes. 

In other news, Eun Jung will be making a comeback as a T-ara member in November.