JYJ Fans Promote Voting and Album "In Heaven"

For October 26’s Seoul’s Mayoral election, many celebrities showed proof of voting but what about their fans?

JYJ fans gathered to post a relay of “proof” shots of their voting activity on an online community. In these photos you can see the blue sign that directs voters to the voting location along with fans’ hands holding up JYJ’s latest album “In Heaven” next to the sign. One photo that stands out in particular is a picture of Jaejoong‘s life-size cardboard cut-out standing next to a large voting location sign.

Netizens commented, “This is very cool,” “What an awesome idea,” and “That Jaejoong photo is the funniest.”

Members of JYJ couldn’t vote themselves since they are currently in Spain for their European Tour. It’s great, though, to see fans come out to do the double work of promoting both voting and JYJ’s new album. JYJ is findind it hard to appear on television to promote their album but it seems that fan support and creativity will really encourage the members.