T-ara Soyeon Miss Pigtail Selca Picture

Girl group T-ara member, Soyeon, revealed a selca picture of herself. 

The singer uploaded the picture on her Twitter with the caption: “I was just bored today so I decided to dress up into Miss Pigtail.”

In the revealed photo Soyeon is seen with pigtails and winking at the camera. She is also not wearing any makeup, thus; showing off her clear, baby skin.

Netizens and fans who have had viewed the photo responded with diverse reactions: “You look very lovely with the pigtails”, “Omo (oh my) you look cute when you wink”, “You transformed into a Native American doll”, “Very pretty kekeke (lol) Miss Pigtail keke you are exactly my style~~”, “Pigtails keke I think you can pull off any hairstyles keke.”