Lee Young Ae Turns Into Femme Fatale for KT Olleh

Eight years after her last small screen appearance in the hit drama “Dae Jang Geum,” six years after her last big screen appearance in Park Chan Wook’s acclaimed “Sympathy for Lady Vengeance,” and only eight months after the birth of her twins, Lee Ae Young is finally returning to the public eye in a series of drama CFs for Korea’s leading communications firm, KT Olleh. Teasers of the CFs have been released on October 22. They portray the actress in femme fatale mode, a break from the innocent image that made her so beloved in previous movies and dramas. The concept is meant to appeal to women who can identify with Lee Young Ae’s smart, sexy vibe. In one preview, the actress reclines in a purple evening gown and looks up as a sharp knock on the door jars her attention. “Life is all the same? That’s a lie,” she says.

The first full-length commercial is scheduled to appear on TV on October 31. Check out the preview images and teasers here. Lee Young Ae’s timeless beauty really shines!