Jung Il Woo With “Flower Boy Ramyun Shop” Cast Feels Short at 183cm

The press conference for tvN’s “Flower Boy Ramyun Shop” was held on October 27, and its stars appeared to high anticipation and flashing lights.

Jung Il Woo leads the drama as the titular rich “flower boy” who ends up working at a ramyun shop along with several other “flower boys.” The other males are fresh faces in the industry with modeling backgrounds. Their heights are all above 180cm (~5ft 11in).

The second male lead is actor Lee Ki Woo who is well known for his incredible height at 190cm (~6ft 3in). Jung Il Woo, at 183cm, is worrying about his height for the first time since his debut.

Jung Il Woo elaborated, “I can’t wear insoles because my back hurts but I thought about standing on a pedestal.” He continued, “I’ve always been the youngest but now I am happily working with my juniors. This drama is bright and delightful so please give us lots of love.”

“Flower Boy Ramyun Shop” will premier on tvN October 31. Here is the latest trailer:


In related news, there are rumors that the writer of Jung Il Woo’s previous drama, “49 Days,” is in talks to remake the drama into a movie in the U.S. SBS, who broadcasted the drama initially and holds the licensing rights to the drama, has commented that it knows nothing about this but since the writer is in talks to remake the drama into a movie, it would not be a problem. SBS only holds the licensing rights to the drama itself.