Actress Soo Ae has recently addressed a concern regarding her role in SBS’s drama “A Thousand Day’s Promise.” On October 28, 3:30 p.m., Soo Ae attended an official press conference in Kyung Ki Do province regarding the drama and the issue of Soo Ae not dressing appropriately in accordance to her character’s wardrobe.

People have noted that Soo Ae tends to wear luxury brands in shoots- which contrasts to how her character in the drama should wear and look like. Addressing this in the interview, Soo Ae explained that “Before we go into filming the staff members and I go over the script and proper attire regarding my character and make sure to take off any brand-name clothing that does not fit.”

She continued,”many people are getting the wrong message because the accessories or clothing I wear look expensive, but in reality the shoes and watches that look like luxury brand items are in fact $20~$30, which are all national brands. Also, even my bags are domestically bought and just look similar to the international designer brands. I think these are the things that brought up the issue in the first place, but I assure you this has just been a bit of a confusion.”

Soo Ae further commented by saying “I take concern with even the little issues such as this one and I will make sure to explain any more doubts that happen to arise.”

She ended the interview by thanking the reporters and expressing her confidence in the success of her drama and performing her best throughout the episodes.