English TV Host Jonathan Ross Talks About K-Pop with Fans on Twitter

I always knew Jonathan Ross was a fan of lots of types of music, but I never thought I would find myself writing this. Gor those who are not sure who Jonathan Ross is, he is a very popular television host in England, most known for his talk show, “Late Night With Jonathan Ross.” He has had countless famous guests from movie stars to musicians, the cream of the crop; when he talks about someone, you know people will take notice.

Today he took to Twitter and started answering tweets from his followers and the subject turned to one that we’re all so in love with: K-Pop!

Another piece of info that will clarify one tweet he made: Jonathon Ross is known for having a little bit of a speech impediment, one he embraces and makes fun of himself for. This is why his Twitter is Wossy (joking about how he says Rossy,) and why he tweeted “Wing Ding Dong,” in reference to SHINee‘s song “Ring Ding Dong.”

It turns out that he is very aware of K-Pop and he loves SHINee and SNSD! With someone as strongly embedded in pop culture as him, do you think this could be the start of a larger growing of K-Pop in the UK? Hopefully he will be there when Cube Entertainment bring their artists to London. He is a big fan and friend of the London Korean film festival and he actually uploaded a video message in support of it, where he drops a big bombshell about the group SHINee and who the 6th member should have been.

Also, we just have to share this hilarious picture created of the true 6 member SHINee created by Jasmine Arnaiz!