MBLAQ’s Mir Proves That He Has the Best "V-line"

Idol group MBLAQ member Mir proved that he is the epitome of best “V-line.”

Mir uploaded a picture on his Twitter with the caption: “Every A+ Japanese and A+ Korean, everyone on Earth, every galaxy in space, every A+ people—this is a picture for you. This is real deal V-line.”

In the picture, Mir is looking directly at the camera along with his white skin and big eyes. The camera was angled from the top so his chin looked especially sharper.

Netizens and fans who had had viewed the picture responded with diverse reactions: “It has been a while since you last tweeted! Please post often”, “I think I will bleed if you stab me with your chin. It seems very sharp?”, “It looks like you lost weight? Eat more.”