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Infinity Challenge “Best Friend Special,” go to Hawaii, the final episode

The seven men have come to the friendship town to find their real best friend. They have now finished getting an initial feel for each other, it is now time to begin their efforts to win the hearts of others and in doing so, their jealousy towards others will sky rocket. The final results of the Infinity Challenge “Best Friend Special” will be revealed.

Do you want to eat lunch together?

It’s finally time to begin the highlight of the day in the friendship town. Before they have to choose their lunch partners, the men begin to actively try and win the hearts of the other participants. Man No 7 Myung Soo expresses his sincere interest by handing a chocolate of friendship to the participant that he is interested in. However the chocolate ends up going to the wrong person and he gets hurt by this. During of all of this, there is suddenly an impromptu session of everyone showing off their talents and they discover that Man No 4 Gil is a genius at martial arts?! From the Man Of Steel trick to the floating in mid-air trick, His attractiveness starts to rise up massively because of the humorous parade of talents and in no time, Man No 4 Gil rises to 1st place for attractiveness. 

Finally it’s time for them to choose their partners, “Please come to me~.” The participants are longingly waiting for their lunch partners, some end up with one person and others end up getting involved in a love triangle. During this entire session, filled with flurry of emotions, Man No 3 Haha becomes angry and starts to act unexpectedly. Will Man No 3 find his partner and happily eat lunch together?

It’s either sweet or bitter, the couple date session

The survival chicken fight to win the couple date coupon. Man No 1 Hong Chul, he rises to the position of “Champ Noh?” He has no equal and his “Mouth Blast” will be revealed. And also the winner of the chicken fight will decide the date couples. Who will be the lucky pair that gets to have some quiet time with each other?

They feverishly dress up and prepare then they grab each other’s hands tightly and set off. The two couples, who are noticeably awkward, go on an outdoor date, but their awkwardness only lasts briefly, in no time they begin to honestly talk with other.

So that the two couples gets closer to each other much faster, the staffs have prepared a special and spectacular couple date mission “Have a conversation while digging out wax from each other’s ears.” They carefully begin to de-wax each other’s ears and during all of this, they sort out their differences and misunderstandings. What kind of effect will this couple date have on the final selections?

The heart-pounding final selection, “Please become my best friend.”

Men are fickle like a reed, the seven men’s minds change drastically even with the slightest provocation, however they have now decided upon the best friend that they want to pick. Twist after twist, their impossible to predict feelings will be revealed. It cannot possibly be more interesting than this! An endless stream of proposals, rejections and betrayals at the fiercely contested final best friend selection. He looks good and is a good dancer as well; he was actually the perfect man? A really popular guy participate appears? Will there be an officially selected best friend, who wins the massive couple travel voucher?

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