SISTAR Stronger Than Ever at the "2011 K-Pop Super Concert"

One of the sexiest girl groups in the K-Pop arena this fall is SISTAR. They are causing quite a storm recently with their upgraded version of the butt dance that was first showcased in Kara‘s “Mister,” and refreshing songs with powerful vocals and unique beats that make up an altogether refreshing stage presence, even leading to stronger support from fans.

Recently, SISTAR’s title song “So Cool” achieved number one status on SBS’s “Inkigayo” in September and the girl group has strongly continued this success right up to this day.

Clutching the trophy after winning first place, member Hyorin emotionally said, “This is the first time we have gotten first place since our debut. We are very thankful.” Such results only come from hard work and dedication, and this can be seen from their debut in 2010 with “Push Push” up to “So Cool,” filled with their high-energy performances, impressive singing skills, and eye-catching beauty along the way. 

In particular, SISTAR’s charms could be seen on October 28, where the “2011 K-Pop Super Concert” took place in Busan. The group’s performance seemed to shine brighter than the lights surrounding them and even outshone other girl groups enough for the audience to go “Ahh” in reverence. This may be in part to do with SISTAR’s attire – their slim and gorgeous bodies fitted with very short short-pants and loose-fitting shirts that failed to hide their s-lines.

Furthermore, Busan is holding its world-renown fireworks festival from October 21 – October 29. People who have come to enjoy the various K-Pop idols present have added another visual pleasure to their eyes.
For those who missed the energy and fervor of the “2011 K-Pop Super Concert,” they can catch the recorded performances on November 11 at 12:30AM on SBS.