Lee Hyori Goes Camping with Soonshim and Friends

Lee Hyori revealed a camping picture with her pet dog Soonshim.

On October 30, Lee Hyori uploaded pictures on her Twitter with the caption, “A fun weekend. I came camping with Soonshim and my friends.”

In one of the revealed pictures, Lee Hyori is shown smiling at the camera with Soonshim. She has garnered interest especially for her comfortable apparel and being barefooted, which portrays a cozy vibe.

Another picture shows Lee Hyori, Soonshim, and Lee Hyori’s friends looking directly at the camera by the bonfire.

Netizens who saw the pictures responded with diverse reactions, saying, “Soonshim is cute,” “Unnie (Older Sister) it seems like you are barefooted,” “First time being jealous of a dog,” “Pretty Lee Hyori,” and “Soonshim went camping too!”