JYJ Holds First Concert in Barcelona

On the night of October 29, the sky was filled with JYJ’s beautiful harmony in Barcelona. In response, the roar of 3,000 wide-eyed fans was heard as well. This was the day JYJ kicked off their tour in Europe.

Group JYJ debuted in Europe as the first South Korean artists to hold a solo concert in Barcelona, Spain.

At Poble Espanyol, JYJ held their concert outdoors for two hours and met not only their Spanish fans, but also fans from Italy, France, Netherlands, Switzerland, and other European countries.

In order to see their beloved group and get good seats for the concert, many of the 3,000 fans arrived early to stand in line outside the venue, while some even pitched tents outside the night before and proceeded to sleep there.

After observing the dedicated European fans, JYJ gave the fans passionate performances that rivaled most of their previous ones. All the guests finished entering the venue thirty minutes before the concert started and began chanting the names of JYJ members. As the chanting began, JYJ appeared on stage with matching white suits and opened the concert with “Empty,” the title song in their worldwide album, “The Beginning.”

The audience was unable to hide their excitement all throughout the impressive opening performance due to JYJ’s powerful vocals and moderated dance moves. It was the moment JYJ and their fans achieved their first meeting, which was longed for over the years. After performing “Empty,” JYJ created a hotter atmosphere at the venue when they consecutively sang songs that consisted of faster tempos such as “Pierrot”, “Ayyy girl,” and “Be my girl.” The fans, who were each holding red glowsticks, cheered immensely at every expression and move that JYJ made.

Solo performances that each member prepared came next. Yoochun performed his solo song, “I LOVE YOU,” with the help of female dancers. Jaejoong sang his gentle song from the “Protect the Boss” OST, “I’ll Protect You” and Junsu came to the fans with “You Are So Beautiful,” a song from the “Scent of a Woman” OST. Through their individual performances, each member was able to show off their charms and talent on stage and the audience proceeded to lose themselves in the music.

Other than these, JYJ performed 15 other songs including Yoochun’s song from the “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” OST, “Found,” the title songs from their first official Korean album, “In Heaven” and “Get Out.” With their singing, they emotionally touched their fans, who stood watching them from the audience, even though the weather was cold.

In the middle of the concert, JYJ conversed with their fans by expressing their sentiments about their debut stage in Spain. Junsu said, “This tour in Europe is actually our last activity for this year. I’m very happy that we were able to finish our activities in Europe with all of you. I hope that we will be able to meet you in Europe, no, in Spain, again in the future.”

Continuing on, Yoochun told their fans, “I’m not sure why, but it feels like we’ve met like this before, even if this is our first time performing in Spain. Although we’re receiving your encouragement right now, everything is fascinating. In some ways, this feeling is familiar, so whenever the subject of a world tour comes up, I’m pretty sure we’re going to say we want to perform in Spain again. We really enjoy being here.”

Lastly, Jaejoong expressed his satisfaction and stated, “I hope many couples will form among you guys, who all came here because you love JYJ. This is our first performance in Europe. Honestly, all this time, we’ve only ever said with words that we will come meet you in person. I am very happy because we were able to keep our promise with everyone in all the parts of Asia, United States and Canada, and finally with you all in Europe. We will continue to work hard so that we will be able to keep our promise with you a second time and come again in the future.

The fans cheered loudly for the three members by clearly shouting out the names of the three JYJ members. Silvia Sanchez, a fan who attended the concert, revealed her affection for JYJ by saying “I first became a fan of TVXQ after discovering their album, “Mirotic” in 2008. I’ve always wanted to go to Korea because I love JYJ, but I never had the money to go. Although I didn’t expect it to happen for real, I’m really grateful and happy that they personally came to Spain to put on a concert for us. I was unable to sleep for a few days because my friends, who are JYJ fans as well, and I even put together presents to give to the members.”

In other news, JYJ will be continuing their tour early next month with a concert in Germany.


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